Leo Lunar Eclipse

On January 20th, we get the chance to witness a lunar eclipse here in the states. Here’s hoping for clear skies in Pittsburgh! This eclipse settles in just as the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius. The need for freedom in thought, and a focus on humanitarian goals take the spot light in this sign. The moon is situated at 0 degrees Leo, bringing a dynamic focus on the qualities of the sign of the lion – a need to be seen and a need to have a sense of positive self-worth as well as creative goals.

This lunar event reminds us that our path is not separate from the rest of humanity; we can all shine when we tend to our own inner light. The picture becomes more complicated because of a loose conjunction to the nodal axis, which has just shifted from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn. Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs that often represent our upbringing. Cancer as the nurturing, emotional body we feel in resonance with through nature or the embrace of someone who loves us. Capricorn is the quiet, often stern urge to achieve and focus felt in the presence of a great coach or father figure. We seek these archetypes in work relationships, families, friendships, and therapeutic relationships.

We all stand on the shoulders of someone else, but this is a great time to check in with your intuition and ensure your goals are not the project of people-pleasing or longing for acceptance into the family history books at the loss of your true nature. It’s time to reconnect with that animal instinct and fearlessly make the next few steps alone if you don’t find the support in your immediate environment.

A square from Uranus reminds us we have the freedom to make our own choices; and a square from asteroid Pallas in Libra reminds us that good counsel should be sought, as we may be subject to making rash decisions! A conjunction of sweet Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius sesquiquadrates the north node and moon; this reminds us not to brush these issues under the rug. Respond to your own needs with kindness. Fun is a need! We must go beyond accepting the limitations of our upbringing. A trine to Ceres in Scorpio shows us how to recognize an internalized sense of stifled or conditional care of the self. Though developing trust in our internal guidance, we will be led to a state of radical self-love.

Many people have reasoned against the effectiveness of astrology by citing its multifaceted system of meaning. It’s true that the interpretation of the signs and symbols can be applied in many different ways – that’s why predictive astrology is so often incorrect. Astrology reminds us that we need to understand the past before we can even begin to try to interpret the future. Conceding that taking a personal approach does not negate understanding from a collective perspective; let’s zoom out on this event.

This eclipse also represents the archetype of the King (Leo) in exile (Aquarius). Trump is refusing to listen to the real needs of the people and being led astray by dogmatism (Venus conjoined Jupiter in Sagittarius, sextile Trump’s natal moon, south node). The north node is also conjunct Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus. Being an eclipse baby himself, I will be curious to see if this eclipse may bring further issues of legacy, fidelity, and family issues to light. With a shocking 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck (CNBC), this eclipse may also highlight the need to get creative about meeting basic human needs such as food and shelter.

In many ways, this eclipse feels like we are continuing to set the tone for the “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn approaching in 2020. Right now, Jupiter and Saturn are semi-sextile; it may be an uncomfortable time, but sometimes a little discomfort may orient us in the correct direction. As Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node continue to move through Capricorn, there are a lot of structures, internal and systemic that need replacing with more efficient and sustainable models.