The return of optimism

The end of 2019 is poised for a lot of shifting energy. Uranus is retrograde, waffling between Aries and Taurus, the nodes of the moon are switching from Aquarius/Leo to Capricorn/Cancer, the seemingly endless onslaught of personal planet retrogrades from the summer wraps up with Mercury going retrograde just as Venus starts direct motion, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, and Neptune starts moving forward in Pisces. There is always something happening in the sky! And as above, so below; let’s fill in the math with the meaning.

In May of this year, I presented a small chat on Uranus’ entry into Taurus. To summarize that session, we can expect the planet of rapid individualization to change the ways we relate to Taurus ruled issues, such as money (hello to cryptocurrency, barter systems, more egalitarian principles being applied to economics); food (where are we going with GMO’s? Japan has designed robot bees?!) and issues of personal confidence (body positivity, and with Taurus ruling the throat, speaking out becomes crucial!).

Before we can fully digest the meaning of the approaching time, Uranus has dipped back into Aries for a retrograde that lasts until March of 2019. This period heightens the themes of rugged individualism vs. a cooperative society, issues of gun-control, and the narcissist-friendly environment that our social media has created.

Neptune’s transit through Pisces has been palpable to those trying to discern fact from fiction in our newspapers and media. As “fake news” abounds, the reality dissolves into a survivalist frenzy that leaves people confused and wondering where they fit in. Interviews with Jeffrey K. Cohen, the President of Allegheny General Hospital and working physician treating murderer Robert Bowers states, “He listens to the noise, he hears the noise, the noise was telling him his people were being slaughtered. He thought it was time to rise up and do something. He’s completely confused (Washington Post)”.

This tragedy brings to mind the work of Hannah Arendt during the trial of Adolf Eichmann. Arendt coined the phrase “banality of evil” to describe the morally nullifying effect of going with the flow. Describing Eichmann as engaging often with clichéd speech and being mentally absent from reality, she reminds us that rather than believing in some type of evil mastermind, the devil is in the details. When bureaucratic systems justify insane outcomes, there will be people who follow the call.

When the tide is washing up obviously disgusting ideology, it is even more important to remain steadfast to rigorous thought. With Jupiter moving into Sagittarius, we are facing a recommitment to these values. Experience leads to insight, recognize where your experiences have been limited and seek to expand your world. Meet people from other cultures and realize that your way of living is not the only way. Having faith in a positive future is not exclusive from working towards creating that more positive future! The spirit of Jupiter is like that of Saint Nicholas, generous, jolly, neighborly and with a bit of a belly! Sagittarius is the globe-trotter in search of knowledge. These two archetypes combine to demonstrate that the time has come to learn, to listen, and to attempt to create more joy.

Unfortunately, nationalist rhetoric and political fervor are also buoyed by Mercury’s retrograde turn. The cycle kicks off with a square to Neptune, again activating our need for a buffer, treating what we hear (and what we say!) with caution and an eye to maintaining our true values through thought and speech. With the retrograde happening in Sagittarius, we are reminded that we do not know it all. If situations get preachy, pare down to the facts.

Mars moving from humanitarian and aloof Aquarius to intuitive, sensitive Pisces may create the feeling that we are right even if we don’t know the full story, or have the information we need to make a proper decision. Particularly around the switch (mid-November) take time out and be a source of calm for others grappling with their circumstances. Also remember that Neptune astronomically stands as a boundary between what is the known universe, and the unknown, or “transpersonal planets.” Working in a positive manifestation, Mars journeying through Pisces can act like a drain snake, unclogging our flawed spiritual perceptions, or like a squeegee, cleaning the window through which we view our circumstances and the world.

Let’s pour one out for Jupiter in Scorpio and cheers to better times ahead. <3