Great American Eclipse

The New York Times featured a lovely full-section write up on the upcoming eclipse. After being enthralled by the gorgeous color info-graphics, I was a little disappointed at the tenor of the writing. We are so eager to separate mysticism from science, articles abounded with assurances that the events total predictability make it nothing more another one of Mother Nature's tricks of the mind.

As an astrologer, I want to look beyond the facts and discover the meaning.

We may be the only planet in our galaxy that has a satellite that appears in similar size to the sun, blocking out it's main glare and leaving only the corona visible. If we waffle away from the astronomy for a moment, and think of things astrologically, this is akin to thinking that here on the tiny blue dot our emotional states (the moon) loom as large as our own identities (the Sun). Let's not discount the instinctual sense of confusion the animal world feels during an eclipse - bats flutter and emerge in the daytime, baffled coyotes howl and the air picks up a chill as we see stars and a few planets in the middle of the day. My intent in mentioning these animal reactions is not to encourage a sense of fear or alarm, but to recognize the call for reorganization.

It gives me pause to think that in a few hundred million years, Earth will no longer have an orbiting moon due to the energy gain in the moon's orbit causing it to spiral out by about four centimeters per year. Does this mean that inhabitants at this point will no longer be emotionally resonant? Let go of the long view, and assess the moment - what feelings have you lost to the rigors of logic?

What shadow processes have you been neglecting? What part of your psyche have you tucked away and promised to never deal with, because it was too unpleasant, emotionally raw, or socially unacceptable? If this eclipse hits a charged point in your chart (holler for a reading if you aren't sure!) it's time to deal with those demons.

This eclipse is located at 28 degrees Leo. With the eclipse touching ground across a central band of the US and also tuning in to the Ascendant of Donald Trump, I wonder what sorts of creatures will emerge from our little swamp. Astrologers may not be able to predict future outcomes, but we can certainly do our best to predict questions that we will be asking ourselves.

Leo at it's best is magnanimous and leads with the heart. The shadow side of this energy is a petty, vain tyrant. With Mars, our motivations, and the North Node, our evolutionary goals, conjunct the Sun and Moon in this eclipse, we have a chance to "eclipse" our arrogance and envision the archetype of the loyal warrior. With an opposition aspect occurring between Pluto and Ceres, our emotions surrounding feelings of futility about the loss of our Earth's resources, and reckless treatment of our environment may seek expression.

I think this eclipse is begging us to examine where our spirituality is lost to the deadening drum of facts. If nothing else, please take a moment in nature to appreciate the awesomeness of this world and consider how you can make steps towards a more sustainable future. With asteroid Ceres and planet Venus located in Cancer, issues around water quality and conservation again take a spotlight. Astrologically speaking, what we sow at this new moon will continue to germinate over the next six months. Regulus, the fixed star at the heart of the Lion has ingressed into the sign of Virgo. Let your heart guide you towards responsible outcomes and breakthroughs, particularly working to be of service to the feminine and Earth.