July's Capricorn Full Moon

I was particularly nervous about this month's full moon in Capricorn, which hit my neck of the woods at around 12:09am on July 9th. Full moon energy attempts to shine a light on some unseen part of the consciousness. This moon's holdout in ambitious Capricorn was being strong-armed by Pluto, giving it an extra boost of the power that comes from recognizing and addressing our shadow selves in order to harness the energy and creativity that we possess, but spend so much energy attempting to control. When we find healthy, positive outlets for these instinctual drives, and quit repressing our true emotional natures, we find reserves of strength we didn't know existed. 

The full moon always features an opposition to the Sun, but at the moment Sol is yukking it up with warrior Mars in the circuitous sign of Cancer. Our aggressiveness needs an outlet, otherwise we are running in circles. Mars is not comfortable in this aspect, the elusiveness of the crab doesn't suit the aggressive energy of the warrior planet. Add to the mix the squaring off with wild card Uranus in Aries, my expectations were for some fireworks, either psychological or physical.

Then, the plot thickens, as we pull out our charts and see what houses these lunations fall under. If you don't know how to determine your house cusps please set a counseling appointment and I will get you rolling with astrology 101!

Capricorn is the sign on the cusp of my twelfth house. I should have heeded the warnings I give to my clients when I see the moon entering the twelfth house - considered the house of hospitals, death, endings, and also spirituality and guru type figures. My typical advice is at this time of the month is that everyone serves their own best interests by relaxing a bit, avoiding picking up new projects as much as possible, and taking care to avoid mishaps as physical energies are quite low.

As Capricorn energy tends to be ruthless, driving, and craving ceaseless progress, it's hard to heed the astrological suggestions to relax. I had a long week at work, and couldn't wait to get out for a bike ride that evening. Not far into the ride, I found myself splayed across the pavement, bike askew, spitting out chunks of teeth, and my boyfriend looking panicked. I knew immediately there was something wrong with my head, but no surface wounds were visible. Clif was too occupied with all the blood gushing out of my face. He quickly rode back to the house for our car, loaded me up and took me to the ER, as blood was beginning to drip out of my left ear.

Now, we do the astrological breakdown - Sun conjunct Mars (potentially war-mongering nature becomes accident prone in the sensitive sign of Cancer); opposed to the full moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (Capricorn ruling the teeth, bones and skeletal structure, full moon in the 12th house, suggesting hospitals and tight enclosures, the CT scan I was to undergo that evening); squaring off with Uranus in Aries, literally "headstrong" willpower meeting with the electric, accidental voltage and surprise encounters Uranus is so known for.

Luckily, my skull fracture was nearly perfect - according to the doctors, I should "heal without incident." With a few stitches, and some time to recover from this concussion, I'm looking forward to getting back out there again. All I could think of when I was waiting in the hospital was, first off, how relieved I was to be mostly coherent with mental faculties in tact and still kicking, and secondly, astrology.

Please share your lunar stories or schedule astrological appointments - I am so happy to have the chance to work with the stars!!!