Jupiter through Scorpio and the Pluto Scorpio kids

Astrology is a beautiful system in a number of ways, it's organization allows for infinite second-by-second transit detail when you decide that the level of complexity on a yearly or seasonal level is not nearly perplexing enough; it has a mysterious way of encompassing elements of the human consciousness that we have yet to discover or understand but somehow find a home for in our own psyches corresponding with their outer astrological occurrences; and the way the sets of systems interact to create what astrologer Robert Hand has so eloquently called "Life Cycles for Living."

There are tons of lovely blogs out there letting folks know what Jupiter's ingress into Scorpio means for their Sun Sign and what sort of wonderful gifts to expect in the lucky 13 months that follow this changing of the guard. In this communique, I want to focus specifically on how this affects the Pluto in Scorpio generation. Pluto entered Scorpio around 1983, give or take a few wobbles around the cusp, and slowly worked it's way through that sign until about 1995. If you were born between 1984 and 1994; you are of this generational ilk. If you were born on the few years between and don't know what your chart looks like, I'll make another shameless plug to come see me for a reading!!

As I mentioned earlier, there are a number of different corresponding cycles that astrologers use to understand consciousness. The moon moves quickly, making a full revolution of the chart every thirty or so days, and represents a sort of changing mood throughout the day, week, month. It can also help anchor the effects of slower moving transits, like that of Saturn, which takes a full 30 years to move around the limits of a chart. The slower moving planets have more time to build effect in our consciousness; less than a passing mood, they are a signaling of a growth process. Something deep, hidden, internal and mysterious is at work when we undergo a Plutonian or Neptunian process.

Often, because Pluto moves so slowly, it can create a sort of "generational" feeling. The baby boomers, for example, were born with Pluto in Leo (around 1938-1956) and this cohort is developing a reputation for required plastic surgery, which is an expression of the Leo need to age spectacularly, or not at all. This generation showed us how to be a rock star in a number of arenas, giving birth to Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Prince, and political and social stars like Putin, Oprah, and the Clintons. Going back a Pluto cycle, we may include Leonardo Da Vinci in this crew. In this generation, creativity and the arts have flourished. With the sun working as planetary ruler of Leo there are, of course, lots of shadow sides to this focus on radical self-development. But the idea is, for a time, Pluto helps lay the backdrop against which we all respond to what has come before, and make a stab at whatever comes next.

And how! Stabbing is a great way to segue in to Pluto in Scorpio! This planet and sign have a particular affinity for each other. Pluto, along with Mars, is considered a Planetary Ruler for Scorpio. So, we can already infer that this generation is certainly not afraid of the dark.

The popularity of vampires, the growth of psychological understanding, and the decline in the divorce rate among this generation all demonstrate we are taking Scorpio's need for intimate, life-changing, even psychically bonded relationships to our graves. If we think of Scorpio as a psychological process, there is a detective quality to this generation. We need to understand why things are the way they are. Much more than our optimistic younger sisters and brothers in the Pluto in Sagittarius generation (1995-2008), we see the necessity of an ending. It is our generational duty to make the nature of this ending visible to those who can enact the new beginnings that are the responsibility of the Sag kids.

Jupiter, the beneficial planet known as the giver of gifts and good luck, will be making it's way through Scorpio over the next year or so. Jupiter expands and magnifies everything it touches. We can all look forward to intensified themes around control, sexuality, appetites, rage, even psychic abilities and the occult, as Scorpio highlights all these primal aspects of human nature. The unconscious begins to urge expression and make itself felt across the board, which means lots of wonderful things, and lots of terrible, disgusting things.

One way the higher manifestation of Jupiter in Scorpio has been taken on is through the #metoo and TimesUp campaign - a reaction to the revelation of Harvey Weinstein's gross abuses of power (high Scorpio process of detective work meets low Scorpio process of sexual abuse) uniting with Jupiter's ability to lead the charge, unite the masses through publication methods, and attempt to make things more fair. Jupiter's methods may lack subtlety, but this is the ongoing work of the transit to further refine and deepen the Scorpionic process. It is our generation's charge to take up this flag and point out what abuses of power, natural resources, and human relating have long outlived their usefulness.

It feels necessary to mention the darker potentials of this transit, which include an increase in attempts to control the masses. With Jupiter ruling the state, there may be more sense of "lockdown" on a government level, or more shifting towards a police state. The CIA was founded during Jupiter's trip through Scorpio, so let's all keep in mind the negative potential inherent in our use of technology and the importance of supporting internet freedom. As with everything in astrology, predictions are baseless because there are always helpful and harmful ways to handle any planetary energy.

My best hope for all is that Jupiter's transit through Scorpio fortifies us with the courage to admit where we have been wounded and begin the healing process. With Jupiter's beams landing on the natal Pluto of 30-somethings, let's not chicken out. Our morbid humor, bleak outlook on the future of earth, and sense of despair are here to serve an evolutionary goal. The best use of these strange talents is to not succumb to hopelessness or self-righteousness, but recognize that the terminally new-age "think good thoughts" mentality can be equally harmful to the growth process. Bad things do happen. Rape exists. Our generational opposite is not joy, but the mindset of voluntary ignorance, and shallow thoughts, where malignity is allowed to breed.