February 10 Lunar Eclipse

"As frankly as possible, ask yourself if you're honestly having fun. It seems that's all there is to it, really." - Missei Shirakawa

On February 10th, we Earth creatures welcome the first eclipse of the season. If events occurring near an eclipse feel painful, it's the universe nudging you away from the safety of your nest and into the wild world waiting for you. The Earth is experiencing a zap right along it's nodal axis, bringing up both karmic baggage and future potentials.

Psychologically, we can feel a tug reminding us who we really are, and what are capable of achieving. Some of the most fortunate manifestations of an eclipse will have the tendency to make life situation feel suddenly "unstuck." Luckily, the approaching February 10 eclipse is looking sweet. As with all lunar transits, we will likely be feeling things out more than thinking things through. Close relationships, their emotional undertow, and self-care routines all go under the microscope.

A lot of folks will be looking closely at power dynamics in their one-on-one relationships, and even the relationships between things like work/life balance. Uranus and Eris are conjunct in the sign of Aries, giving strength (and the power that comes from channeling chaos!) to the feminine revolutionary archetype. This time may serve as a wake up call to femmes of all stripes who have been living in the shadow of another. The downside is that this wild energy can often cause in-fighting among people battling on the same side. Long-term success can happen, but it's patience and diligence that get you there. Sparks will likely fly between couples with both Venus and Mars in Aries, but there's a lot of imaginative ways to utilize that sort of fire.

This feeling of freedom is further encouraged by Jupiter's opposition to Uranus. If you've been avoiding dealing with unpleasant situations, don't be surprised to encounter an avalanche of buried resentments around this time. This can give you the strength to break free of limiting situations, or help you find new ways to get the independence you're craving. The sun is also making saucy connections with Uranus, which further increases the free-spirited vibe of this eclipse, and the need for respect, generosity, and freedom in close relationships. Delving deeper into new areas or study and working on spiritual development are also encouraged.

Feeling like you're trapped in a carnival? The sabian symbols for the lights concur. With the moon at 23 deg. Leo, we have "in a circus the bareback rider displays her dangerous skill," while the 23 deg. Aquarian sun shows "a big trained bear performs, sitting on a huge chair." Keeping up your juggling act could be a costly charade to maintain, but with the stabilizing energy of the grand trine forming between the Moon, Neptune & Saturn, we've got the ability to channel imagination, intuition and dedication into some real magical feats. Also, when we add the Sun's sextile to Jupiter, not only are opportunities expanded, we get more when we give more. Cultivating a generous, magnanimous spirit will make the current drama much more approachable for the faint of heart.

These aspects make a beautiful 5-pointed star shape in the event chart - a reminder that we are here on Earth to use and express our talents. As the sign of Leo asks that we use our personalities to carve our way through the world, this eclipse reminds us of the humor, freedom, and joy that come from healthy expressions of our inner child. We are reminded that not only is it important to be true to ourselves, it's important to make our unique contribution to the world. Make the best of it, and make it more fun.